Shrub is a new type of beauty brand that wants to speak to a new type of consumer – one who makes a conscious choice about what they buy and wants to know their beauty is in good hands whilst caring for the world around them.

We’re a brand with a moral compass and a philosophy centred around the natural environment, which results in an ambition to create outstanding products that are sustainable, efficacious and ethically sourced.

Smaller than 1mm in size, liquid plastics pose a much bigger problem than other microplastics as they are impossible to retrieve from our waterways. Unbeknownst to most beauty consumers, they are commonly found in haircare, skincare and bath products to make them more spreadable; then rinsed down our drains which are not only ingested by our marine life, but also us.

Shrub is completely liquid plastic-free and our Make The Change, See The Change campaign aims to educate consumers on the harmful effects that liquid plastics inflict on our environment and to human health.