After ten years in the beauty industry I recognised the need for a natural and affordable alternative to the high end brands that were offering little benefit to the skin by using low cost synthetic ingredients – so I decided to take the plunge in March 2006 and start my own natural beauty business.

I began to research and experience all the wonderful natural ingredient alternatives. It wasn’t long before I began to notice a positive difference in my skin and set to work to create and develop Laidbare Skincare. My aim being, and continues to be, to offer real value combined with truly natural ingredients. Laidbare products help restore skin to a healthy, clean and clear state – even for the most sensitive of skin types.

Fast forward and we are now team of all women; and at Laidbare we are committed to transparency….

Ethanol (Alcohol) we use to only preserve the products and this is derived from sugar molasses. This is shown on the ingredient listings.

The ethanol we use is a raw material blend – comprised of Sucrose Laurate, Water and Alcohol and is only 0.05% of the formulation and not at a high enough level to strip the skin. It only has to be listed on the ingredients list as it is intentionally added to the material we purchase as a preservative and any substance that is intentionally added has to be listed, however small, under the Cosmetic Regulations.

Laidbare is all about having fun with your every day skincare regime, as reflected in our product names! Whilst being affordable, accessible as well as serious about tackling skin sensitivities to help achieve great results for your skin. Thats why we pack our formulations full with natural ingredients we are 97-100% natural!